As I sit in the airport (to head out to Minneapolis to gain knowledge from Ursula Mentjes – Author, Sales Coach and Trainer), I am listening to the Belief Zone. As I listen to the life changing nuggets, I get excited and afraid at the same time. BUT at the end of the day fear CANNOT exist anywhere in my Belief Zone. I think of the people that have tried to talk me out of living within my purpose. I think of how much I question if I am raising my children the right way as a single mother. I think of how many YEARS I have allowed to go by as I live in fear of going to the next level. 

Today as I head to another state, I leave behind the fear/regrets/unnecessary questions and I FULLY embrace what has been destined for my life. 

CTA 📢: Find a way to have a quiet moment to evaluate where you are. Make it a point to do whatever it takes to embrace your destiny/purpose and don’t think twice about it!

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EB has the passion to help people get to their next level in greatness and to empower them to intentionally walk in their purpose.

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