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What's Your Business GPA?

Are you a business owner  who is working on a budget, but you need help growing your business?  In honor of my 40th Birthday, I am offering my one-on-one sessions at a discounted rate for the next 40 days!   

Design Your Plan

As we assess your business, we will come up with an individualized plan for you to be a purposed business owner and to run a successful business.

1:1 Strategy Sessions

ALL sessions are one-on-one sessions where you receive feedback and ideas specifically for your business.

Learn from Home

All sessions will be virtual so you do not have to worry about having to travel anywhere!

Choose one or more areas to focus on for your business. Start with your top two pain points and we will identify the rest.

  • Client Engagement – We will do a deep dive to identify/study your purposed client and how you can effectively engage your customers on a regular basis.
  • Branding and Marketing – We will look at your brand, your voice, and your marketing tactics to identify any gaps, misconceptions, etc.
  • Social Media – We will analyze your social media presence and implement a 6 month content plan. You will also receive 2 FREE Canva templates for your personal use.
  • Website Creation/Updates – Having a website for your business SHOULD NOT be hard to maintain or something you shy away from.  I will teach you some tips and tricks to build/maintain your website for little to nothing.
  • Lead Generation – You can use ANYTHING to generate leads.  We will look at all of the creative ways you can generate leads without spending any/a lot of money.
  • Start an Affiliate Program – Believe it or not, you can start an affiliate program with any service and/or any product.  We will review all of the endless possibilities on what you can offer and I will show you how to have other people help you sell your products/services.

Available for a limited time only!

Packages range from 2 hour to 10 hour sessions.  All sessions over 4 hours will be conducted over a series of days.  Click the button below to schedule your one on one session. 

Need the nutshell version?  See the bullets below to see what you will receive:

  • 1:1 strategy sessions
  • You pick the topics you want to focus on 
  • Hands on training to learn the skills you need to be an effective business owner
  •  Support to implement the out of the box thinking ideas that you have for your business
  • Access to a personalized coaching portal for 2 months ($100.00 Value)
  • Access to additional “work at your own pace” learning content ($2,400 Value)
  • Access to an Exclusive Online Community (Priceless)
  • 25% off of in-house services
  • 25% referral compensation program
  • And much more!
Be sure to schedule your session TODAY.  This is a limited time offer!

Who is this for?

New Business Owners

  • Your business is not a hobby, but definitely a side hustle
  • Your business has been up and running for more than 90 days
  • You started your business out of “survival mode” and you want to do more than just survive

Existing Business Owners

  • Your business has been up and running for more than a year
  • You have hit a plateau and feel stagnant
  • You need to find ways to pivot and remain relevant to your audience
Laptop and diary with pen.


2 Hour Session

$ 80.00 Originally $300.00
  • $220.00 Discount
  • Same day session
  • Personalized video recording
  • Access to Personalized Portal
  • 25% Off In-house Services*
  • And much more!

6 Hour Session

$ 220
Originally $900.00
  • $680.00 Discount
  • Sessions broken up over 3 days
  • Personalized video recordings
  • 25% Off In-house Services*
  • 25% Referral Program
  • And Much More!


$ 350 Originally $1,500.00
  • $1,150.00 Discount
  • Session broken up over 5 days
  • Personalized video recordings
  • More time to cover at least 3 pain points
  • And Much More!

About EB

I know you must be asking yourself…”Who is this chick named EB?”

I am a mom. I am an Entrepreneur. I am a risk-taker (sometimes with my eyes closed)…And I am uberly excited to serve you! I know what it feels like to try to achieve the things you want and life just happens (sometimes taking over). Life is definitely a journey and we are not meant to “travel” alone. If it is one thing that I know/experienced…I TRULY know what it feels like to be spinning your wheels or feeling as is things are stagnant. I am here to tell you that there is a solution to the madness!

I am committed to helping you get beyond the next level. I am committed to helping you take what is rightfully yours in life and be more than just happy! We will do the unthinkable….While achieving the impossible!!


You don't have to embark on your journey alone.