As an entrepreneur, I am embracing how much my time is worth on a daily basis. I am embracing my worth before I get into my car to drive to a meeting to plan an event, when Zoom is available. I am embracing my worth before I say “YES” to someone without explaining what it is going to cost them for my time. I am realizing that I am becoming more comfortable with turning away people who will waste my time. 

It has been reported that Cardi B will not leave the doorstep of her house for NO LESS than $300K…AND wherever she is to perform would have to be close to home for one main precious reason. As I read the article, I thought to myself that I am on the right track with my way of thinking. Cardi B rocks the mic and can shake up the world with 1 verse. I slay people’s fears and self-perceptions, while helping them walk in their purpose…So why shouldn’t I put value on my time knowing what I’m truly worth?

CTA 📢: Who is demanding your time that shouldn’t even have access to you? Take inventory of time wasters. Take inventory of your skills and list a value for each skill. Become ok with voicing your worth. Become ok with denying certain people access to you. Become ok with the fact that you can say that you can’t leave your doorstep for no less than X amount of money. 

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